Special offer:

35% off when you send us an order email before 26th December 2015 China time

30% off when you send us an order email before 31st December 2015 China time

The special offer only apply to the direct buyers of solo grade instruments ready to play with retail price,

not appy to wholesaler and white instruments buyers

Also please note:

We, the Bai's Violins is the one has made more than 200 solo grade instruments for customers around the world since 1995 by Sun Pei Xiang, Xu Lian Kun and Lu Qing

Here is the latest reference of the no.448 violin buyer from Rockville on the 6th August 2015:

 I had a quick chance to play and look at the violin. Wow, great it plays better the Jay Haide violins that I carry. I am not the greatest player but I will have one of my staff play it tomorrow. Great violin, were in business. I just need the 7k bow to sample then I will put together a package and sell many. I know it will sound better and better as it ages a little.
   added on 26th August 2015:
   I love the bow! I have a $15,000. Bow and your bow plays better. The sound is warm and wonderful. The violin and bow are at the ……
   I just wanted to let you know that we love your violin and bow.