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We will be in Shanghai Music trade fair (Music China) from Oct 24 to 29 (the trade fair is between the 26th and 29th).

We will not be an exhibitor this year, we will be there to meet our customers like you.

So if you would like to talk to us and see our samples, please contact us, then we will tell you the place and time we meet there.
Please see my photo here, you will see the same person there (just a bit older).

The website Chinese Violins was created in 1995. We custom make and build master Chinese violins for customers all around the world. We focus on professional violins and advanced student violins. Every piece is a master Chinese violin with top sound quality.

Welcome to Here you are provided with a wealth of information regarding my work.

You will find detailed descriptions and clear examples of my polished work as well as photos documenting every step of the instrument's transfiguration from raw wood into a beautiful example of the luthier's art.

Also available are many references from customers pleased with my humble efforts and photos of them experiencing the satisfaction my work has given them.

At, we hope that you come not only to buy but to share in the enjoyment of viewing instruments born from the parentage of discriminating quality and refined skill.

So please join us inside and enjoy the heights to which the luthier's art has risen in China.

Thanks for visiting our website.
This is the right place for you to purchase a professional violin or a student violin.
We are not the top 1 in China for Chinese made violins, and we are also not top 1 to compare with some Chinese in overseas made violins.
But we are not worse than them.
We are not like thousands of Chinese manufacturers make lower quality or junk quality violins.
Lu Qing makes you the professional solo grade instruments.
Other makers make advanced student and intermediate student instruments.
There are thousands of Chinese makers or manufacturers sale Chinese violins, but suggest not to buy their ones if they don't give you satisfied answers for the following questions:

1. The violins were made by one individual luthier from the beginning to the end by him one person with hand tools only - you have to ask for very details to make sure that the violins are not made by CNC or many people together and then by one person finish with sand paper, they can also be called hand made by one person, this is a trick. So you need to use key words like "individual", "hand tools only", "from the beginning to the end" etc.

2. What is the woods, not simply solid woods, they need to be spruce and maple, and how did they dry, they need to be dried by air not oven.
Many Chinese use oven to dry as they can't wait for too long (30 or 20 years) to make hundred junks per day.

3. How to varnish, many Chinese use spray first coat, then hand brush second coat, or only spray.

4. What is the thickness distribution, you ask them that is your distribution the same as the plan you used to make the violins, I bet 99% Chinese will answer you yes.

5. Are the violins custom made or randomly pick one from your warehouse. Remember 99% Chinese will tell you that their violins are professional violins, performance violins even they sell you a plywood toy. and ask them if you make violins or just buy and re-sale, for example, in Beijing that the city we are in, there is a seller tells people, they make the violins, but actually this person buy junks from around for $70 each and sell to USA and UK etc for $500, and he just randomly pick one up from his warehouse and tell you this is made for you. and this person's name today is David, tomorrow is Kevin and next day is Linda etc, he actually is a man and with no knowledge of violins at all, there are many examples like this, this is only one I am telling you. also, just last year, one whole container of violins were returned from USA as quality issue.

6. I am telling you this, doesn't mean you need to buy our violins, but just be careful when you deal with Chinese, not to believe David, Kevin or Linda, just believe the quality and customers references.

7. If you are considering to buy his $500 violins, just suggest you to buy our $195 violins, as our $195 violin is much better than his $500 violin, even for $195, it include shipping, also a purely hand made.

8. The last, our first master luthier Lu Qing has made instruments for our customers since year 2005 from instrument number 280 to now, if you have any questions about the luthier and his instruments, ask me, don't ask others or try to find answers from other places, only me, I will answer you, but just simply trust me, trust this website, you wont be disappointed, always trust Bai's Violins, no others, very important!

Additional info:

When you are buying a violin, you need to understand the violin's grade, it should be student or professional grades, it should not be only with a brand name without telling you the grade, or called performance violins, this is a very bad idea to call a violin as performance violin, you should ask the maker, what is a performance violin.

Remember, Chinese can call his violins as performance violins, as sounds good, or call a violin as professional violin as long as it is not a toy.


Please note, if you are looking to buy good Chinese made violins at good prices, you must becareful to check the Chinese makers or manufacturers quality no matter he is in China or overseas, as long as he is a Chinese, then there are 99% of us you can not trust with.

There are 99% Chinese violin makers or manufacturers that you can not trust with!!!

He may be in China, may be in the US or Europe etc, may be with very big or top names and with many certificates, but you must becareful.

There are only 1% of us you can trust with, so there are 1000 Chinese makers or manufacturers in the world, there are only 10 of us you can trust with. We are the 1 of 100, there are other 9 makers, you need to look for if you like.

I don't understand American makers and European makers, but I do understand all Chinese makers if he is in China or was in China, remember, only 10 Chinese makers in the world you can trust with.

If you don't beleive what I am saying here, you can spend your money to buy your experience.

You are here, suggest you do not need to look for other Chinese makers, as our violins are very top in terms of quality and very cheap in terms of price, you may find other 9 makers, but their quality is not better than ours and price is very high much higer than ours. Or you may get violins from the other 990 Chinese makers, but they are very junk.

Suggest no need to buy from other Chinese makers, just buy from us, Bai's Violins is what you always trust with, always.

If you want to know about us, like makers, history and violins and more and more, just email us, do not need to ask others or try to look for answers from other places, all you need to do is to trust us, not need to listen from others unless you read references from our customers.

BAI'S VIOLINS and is all you need!!!


We guarantee that our instruments are made by our luthier himself from the beginning to the end with hand tools only except to use machine cutting larger woods to small and without any assistant.

We also guarantee that our instruments are not made by studio workers which use famous Chinese luthiers' names or brand in the USA for example for the lower quality instruments. Our instrument is made by one luthier individually, not by many people together.

if you see a Chinese (in the US or China) luthier's violins are to be sold all over the world, you can know that the violins are not made by the luthier himself, a good Chinese luthier can only make 20 or 30 violins a year, but a studio in China with a group of workers can make 1000 or more a year, then stick a label with a big name. If their violins are only cost you $500-$2500, ours cost you $2800-$3800, they have big names, we have no name, which one do you buy?

Of course you will buy the ones who have big names, as they are world recognazied top Chinese luthiers with many certificates and they are in local (for example in US). But who is Bai's Violins? who is Especially that is a Chinese luthier in China, not a Chinese luthier in the US, and has no certificate, and the should sell it for $50 but even sell more than our local Chinese luthier's violins, of course we buy from local, only spend $500 or $2500, we can own a top Chinese master luthier's violin, but we buy from need to spend $2800-$3800, why? you must be very exciting with your decision.

However, before you go to shopping for a violin, you need to ask yourself, is it possible the violin for $2500 retail with big Chinese master luthier's label was made by the Chinese luthier himself? if not, is it still worth to buy this kind of violins?

I can help you to do a calculation: You need to know that a Chinese master luthier can only make 10 - 30 violins a year, Lu Qing makes 30 or 35 as he works very very hard, but let's assume a Chinese luthier in the US can make 20 a year. 52 weeks in a year, take off 4 weeks annual leave, and 2 weeks public holidays, there are 46 weeks available for work, so 46 (weeks) / 20 (violins) = 2.3 weeks per violin average, I am not sure how much a Chinese violin luthier in the US should be paid a week, but again just assume $1000 per week for his salary, then the violin cost him 2.3 x $1000 = $2300. Please note, the $2300 is only labor cost, not include material and profit of the businesss and most important, not include sound, everyone knows, a master luthier can not sell his violins for material plus labor, that need to sell for sound. That is why a US luthier sell his violins for $10,000 or an European luthier sell his violins for 10,000 pounds very normal and very cheap.

But who can make lower cost violins and to be sold for $500? only Chinese in the world. I do not understand US luthiers and European luthiers, but I do know a lots of Chinese luthiers include everyone in the US. Chinese luthiers can easily make a factory in China and have a lots of workers work for him, they use their good name labels, but we can make the same as those violins or higher only for $195 include case and delivery, even for this low price, they are still made by an individual luthier, not by a group of workers, we can make lower money for good violins, but if Chinese luthiers want to have the same price range, they have to use a factory in China, no other ways, so do not trust any Chinese luthier in the US can sell you a violin was made by himself for $500 or $2500 retail.

Our first master luthier Lu Qing can make the same sound quality as any Chinese luthiers' violins in the US for only $2800 4A grade Chinese woods or $3800 4A grade Bosnina woods. The only thing we are not as good as those Chinese luthiers in the US is that we have no name, they have big names, What is the money for? for sound or for a piece of paper? You tell me.

But you may still think, even those violins are made in China and only varnished in the US, but as long as those violins are with the label of Chinese luthiers in the US and those violins have a beautiful or traditional model name like French, then those violins are worth to buy than our violins, then you may know that you buy from those Chinese luthiers from the US, that violins are with a good label never tell you the violins grade, intermediate, advanced student, or professional solo? So you may understand that those Chinese luthiers use a good name to cover the violins grade issues, which they dont want to tell you the grade that is only intermediate student grade, even not a advanced student grade, their violins are just very normal Chinese group workers made intermediate violins but with a nice varnish (old and antique) and with a good name like French and a big name label. They are made in China by a group of workers who are even not in a same factory, all work from their own factory and then assembly together by another factory (one factory makes tops, one factory makes backs and ribs, another factory makes necks with nice scroll - cost a bit more, they have to, one factory assembly the pieces together to generate a thing called violin), then send to US and the Chinese luthiers in the US finish the violins by doing varnish, set up and label it, then a Chinese production line workers made junk become a big masters violins for sale ererywhere. Customers need to spend US$1600 to $2400 to get a such junk violin and are very happy, they don't want to buy the same or even better one directly from China, just because all are Chinese, but someones have big names, someones have no name, customers would like to spend $1000 to $2000 extra to buy a same violin.

But we do tell truth to our customers that our violins are either Intermediate Student grade by our 3rd Master luthier, or Advanced Student grade by our 2nd Master luthier or Professional Solo grade by our First Master luthier, they are all work very very hard but guarantee that all violins are made by these individual luthiers with hand tools only and use Italian methods and never use a group workers production line for junks.

Last words:
our $2800 or $3800 is equal to their $10,000 or $15,000 (ours are the same quality or better than those ones);
our $595 is equal to their $2500 (ours are better than those ones);
our $195 is equal to their $500 (ours are better than those ones).

Any one does not beleive what I say here, can discuss with me, or just try to spend your money on those violins.

I am writing this artical because I have been three factories and I have many contacts with the workers in the three factories, one is in Beijing and belongs to a very very famious Chinese luthier in Beijing (not in the US), another one also in Beijing and belongs to a very famious Chinese luthier in the US, and the other one is in Guangzhou and belongs to a very famious Chinese luthier in the US. All these factories make thousands violins a year and 80% of them are sold to the US, to the dealers, then the dealers sold them to violin players, I belive the USA people like to play the junks very much, as long as the violins are with big name labels.

Especially the very very famious Chinese luthier in Beijing, who sale his factory junk to US importers at US$500 for a violin made by junk production line, the maple and spruce are very new and wet, they use oven to dry and the maple with no flame, a very urgly junk to be sold to the violin player in the US at US$1500, just because the violins are sticked with a big name label, this luthier is even more famious than the Chinese luthiers in the US.

So I suggest, if anyone wants to complain Chinese made violins are how junk, please firstly complain yourself as this is not the workers fault to provide you the junk, this is because the US buyers want the junk and are very happy.

If you don't want to buy a junk and want to spend less money for a very good violin, then our violins are one of your options and is a very good option. So do not buy junk from today and do not trust any certificates which were issued to Chiense luthiers in China or the US especially the certificates were issued by a Chinese organision, never. You buy violins not a piece of paper and you pay for sound quality not a big name, just think, the names are for themselves, not for you, so why are you so happy for their names? You are not stupid, but don't make you stupid.

You may ask me, how do you prove that your violin is better? here is a reference from our No.448 violin customer of Rockville USA on August 3 2015:

I had a quick chance to play and look at the violin. Wow, great it plays better the x x x violins that I carry. I am not the greatest player but I will have one of my staff play it tomorrow. Great violin, were in business. I just need the 7k bow to sample then I will put together a package and sell many. I know it will sound better and better as it ages a little.

added on 26th August 2015:
I love the bow! I have a $15,000. Bow and your bow plays better. The sound is warm and wonderful. The violin and bow are at the

I just wanted to let you know that we love your violin and bow.

As an importer or a dealer, there are some concerns you may have, let me to give you directly answers before you ask me now:
We do make GOOD QUALITY violins for you, we have both solo and student grades;
We are formal registered violin making company, paying tax every year;
Our capacity is to make 35 solo grade violins and 200 advanced student violins and 200 intermediate student violins per year (one viola = 1.3 violins, one cello = 3.5 violins);
We use either air dry Chinese maple and spruce or Bosnian maple and spruce;
We do not have minimum order requirements;
We only make customized violins after receive orders, we do not make many for stock and randomly pick ones when receive orders, only Chinese junk products makers do this, so becareful when you deal with Chinese junk products makers also they might be not even makers,they just buy junks from different factories and sell them to you and tell you the instruments are hand made by themselves...;
Our customers are from many countries in the world, please click on the customers page to find out (for student grades, even from more countries).


  Thank you for entering our website and, again, welcome! Perhaps you hold an interest in my background and my works, so please allow me to spend a moment satisfying that interest.

  I, Lu Qing the first master luthier of Bai's Violins, was born in 1964 and I have been fascinated with musical instruments and their making since early childhood, especially in the violin. At the age of 20, I began my apprenticeship under Master Maolin Song (ï) when we worked in China National Opera House in the early of 80's. I then followed Master Maolin Song to his company worked there around middle of 80's totally almost for 20 years before I began to work independently. I enjoyed regular opportunities to study many outstanding examples of the luthier's art. I also have regular opportunities to probe into the techniques and requirements of sound production with contemporary violinists. Thus, I obtained violin making inspiration among them. Having hand-crafted hundreds of violins, violas, cellos, and double bass' for 30 years, my technique is now exquisite, and the sound of my instruments is pure and powerful. I am one of very few genuine luthiers in China.

 I craft instruments with either a traditional or an antique finish. Though I use modern, updated tools for making, I adhere strictly to traditional Cremonese methods, inheriting the classical luthiers' experience. I sound the instrument to transfer its "feel", and my experience allows me to accurately gauge the wood and refine each gradation. Thus, by utilizing traditional technique and modern scientific findings in synthesis, a superior sound and performance arises that echoes that of antique works. It is one favored by most players.

  The woods I employs are for the back, brilliantly flamed maple from Sichuan Province which has been air-dried for over 25 years. For the top, I selects from the spruce forests of Himalaya and Xinjiang's Altai mountains, also air-dried for over 25 years. The material is excellent, neither too hard nor too soft, with an elasticity admirably suited to creating a resonant instrument. The finished work often results in a maple back striped like a tiger, and a spruce top of fine even grain. I have personally selected all the materials with great discrimination, often just one from every hundred, then left them to dry for 25 years. As an alternative, you may select European maple for the back which is more than 30 years old, and aged spruce that is more than 100 years old.

  I also offer a selection of varnishes to suit your preferences, all of which are aesthetically elegant and tastefully applied.

  Whether you are an aspiring soloist, professional ensemble member, renowned teacher, or rising student, I can create an instrument to satisfy and exceed your requirements. Please browse at your leisure, share with me what you are looking for in an instrument, and I do hope you'll consider being one of my many customers from all around the world.

Short description of Master luthiers of Bai's Violins:

I, Lu Qing, from year 2005, instrument number 280, to now;
Xu Lian Kun , year 1998 - 2007, instrument number 208 - 279;
Sun Pei Xiang, year 1995 - 2000, instrument number before 208. 

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