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  Thank you for entering our website and, again, welcome! Perhaps you hold an interest in our master luthier Chun Qing's background and his works, so please allow us to spend a moment satisfying that interest.

  Chun Qing, was born in 1964 and has been fascinated with musical instruments and their making since early childhood, especially in the violin. At the age of 20, he began his apprenticeship under a master violin luthier in China. Now, he has worked in the China National Opera House for many years, and enjoy regular opportunities to study many outstanding examples of the luthier's art. He also has regular opportunities to probe into the techniques and requirements of sound production with contemporary violinists. Thus, he obtains violin making inspiration among them. Having hand-crafted hundreds of violins, violas, cellos, and double bass' for over 20 years, his technique is now exquisite, and the sound of his instruments is pure and powerful. He is one of very few genuine luthiers China.

  He craft instruments with either a traditional or an antique finish. Though he uses modern, updated tools for making, he adhere strictly to traditional Cremonese methods, inheriting the classical luthiers' experience. he sound the instrument to transfer its "feel", and his experience allows him to accurately gauge the wood and refine each gradation. Thus, by utilizing traditional technique and modern scientific findings in synthesis, a superior sound and performance arises that echoes that of antigue works. It is one favoured by most players.

  The woods he employs are brilliantly flamed maple from Sichuan Province for the back, air-dried for over 15 years. For the top, he selects from the spruce forests of Himalaya and Xinjiang's Altai mountains, also air-dried for over 15 years. The material is excellent, neither too hard nor too soft, with an elasticity admirably suited to creating a resonant instrument. The finished work often results in a maple back striped like a tiger, and a spruce top of fine even grain. He has personally selected all the materials with great discrimination, often just one from every hundred, then left them to dry for 15 years. As an alternative, you may select European maple for the back which is more than 20 years old, and aged spruce that is more than 100 years old.

  He also offer a selection of varnishes to suit your preferences, all of which are aesthetically elegant and tastefully applied.

  Whether you are an aspiring soloist, professional ensemble member, renowned teacher, or rising student, he can create an instrument to satisfy and exceed your requirements. Please browse at your leisure, share with us what you are looking for in an instrument, and we do hope you'll consider being one of our many customers from all around the world.   

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