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Reference from our No.541 viola customer

Date: 4/13/2019, Read: 276 times

  Dear Dong,
   I received viola #541 more than a month ago. The viola was very well packed and arrived safely. Thank you very much for updating the shipping information throughout!
   I played the viola daily since it arrived. My first impression is that the viola is very well made, and the decorative purfling and carving were very well done. The varnish is a bit soft when received and I can actually still smell the oil or spirit solvent ¨C (call that a ˇ°new viola smellˇ± !). The wood seems to be very high quality - the instrument resonates well and the notes have a nice ring to them. I also appreciate you getting the special chin rest, which made playing much more comfortable.
   The sound is warm and even through the middle-to-upper registers, with a pretty brilliant A-string, and a rich, creamy sound in the middle. Originally, the C-string required more effort to pull out a full sound. However after some playing-in and minor adjustments the sound opened and the viola became easier to play, with a deep and powerful lower register. I believe that as time goes by the viola will improve even more.
   Because I am mainly a violin player, I am used to the sound of my violin, which is much more brilliant. I recorded the sound of this viola and my violin, and realize that even though this viola seems quieter, mellower and darker, it has almost the same projection and volume when listened from a distance.
   Overall, I am very pleased with viola #541, and with the experience working with you and master Lu Qing. I would have no problem recommending your work to friends looking for high-quality instruments.
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