Mandolins in the white and kit only. F and A model. Full hand made by our individual maker himself from the beginning to the end with hand tools only, at normal craftsmanship quality, not as top as our violins, need your more detailed work after our maker's work. Worth to order as 1. your lighter work will be involved; 2. price is low; 3. full hand made with no machine; 4. Chinese maple and spruce and thinking of change to European maple and spruce; 5. there is no other maker in whole China can make them at this price range (you can try to find one by looking at internet or come to China, and to tell me when you find one if you like). Click here to see more details, -- is the one you always trust with.

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Reference from violin order No.560 customer

Date: 7/16/2020, Read: 460 times

  Finally, the violin has arrived to the customer, please read the reference:
   (We would again to tell all people who read here: Only purchase the violins from if they are looking to buy the violins made in China, not others. As ours are very top quality and very low priced.
   Lu's violins are not worse than any top top and top Chinese luthiers violins of in China or in the US or in anywhere.
   No need to spend $10,000 for a brand name for those violins, only buy from if to look for Chinese made.)
   Dear Mr. Bai,
   The master-built violin and bow have finally arrived after an exact three months in transition due to the disruptions of Covid-19 pandemic.
   The packaging of the parcel is impeccable with protective cushions placed for the delicate areas wrapping vulnerable parts of the violin inside. Its bridge had been customized and fitted on its arrival. It is unfortunate some varnish under the packaging paper and the feet of the bridge was slightly damaged because it became soft during the time thatĄŻs longer than usual spent in the box. Luckily, itĄŻs not that difficult to fix if you know the tricks (warning: definitely not the kind of task for anyone) but certainly, some additional time has been spent.
   Apart from the misfortunate, the violin looks great, the purfling and carving were very well done. The feel of the neck in hand is quite comfortable. The sound is very impressive, transparent and sweet with a distinctively resonant sound at around D as the key signature indicating a well-made StradĄŻs pattern violin. From a distance, it sounds good. It is easy to play and very responsive. The violin had whistle noises initially. From experience, I suspected it was caused by the fitted set of Dominant strings whose E has known issue for whistling noise. The next day the problem was gone as soon as the Dominant E was replaced. So, I may suggest the studio to replace Dominant E by fitting another E string, say KaplanĄŻs E. The sound is already impressive in Ą°newĄ±, I am looking forward to it maturing over time.
   The bow is also well crafted, responsive when played.
   Overall, I am pleased with the bow and violin ordered from Mr BaiĄŻs studio. The communications with Mr Bai have been prompt, precise, truthful and pleasant. Please give Master Lu my thanks and express my admiration for the work. I would have no problem recommending your instruments to friends looking for high-quality instruments.
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