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The Fragrant Hill

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     The Fragrant Hill
   Situated 28 kilometers northwest of downtown Beijing, this park had long been a favorite summer retreat of the emperors. In the 12th century it was a royal hunting park. Its focal point is the Incense Burner Peak (Xianglufeng) ?557 meters above sea level. On top is a huge rock that resembles an incense burner.
   In Jin Dynasty (which as over-800 years ago), emperors began to build temples and halls here. By Qing Dynasty, 28 sights were completed and they were included in Jingyi Garden.
   In 1860 and 1900, the Garden was twice destroyed by imperialist aggressors, and the temples and halls were burned down. After the founding of New China, they were gradually renovated. In the deep of autumn every year, large leaves on over-90000 smoke trees all present a bright red color over the mountain.
   Red Leaves on smoke trees in Fragrant Hill have all along been well-known. In autumn , the Hill is covered by red leaves and look gorgeous. The scenery area is formed mainly by mountainous fields and natural forests.Over 200,000 tress of over-100 varieties are in the 160 hectare area which is also the site where various kinds of birds dwell.Fragrant Hill is also famous for its snow scenery in winter.
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