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Peking Man Site

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     Peking Man Site
   Zhoukoudian is a relics of primitive culture, 48 kilometers southwest of downtown Beijing, where LongGuShan(dragon skeleton mountain) is standing.Several decades ago, local farmers mined limestone in Zhoukoudian ,came upon some bone fossils and called them "the Dragon Bones".
   Zhoukoudian became known as "Dragon Bone Mountain". Drugstores purchased the bones as a medical ingredient. The news about the "magic bones" drew attention of scientists.
   In 1929 these limestone caves became world famous with the discovery of a skull and two teeth dating back 200,000 to 500,000 years. They were named "Homo erectus pekinensis" , or Peking Man. But the fossils were lost during World War II. Many of the implements used by those early humans, and bones of animals they hunted are on display at a museum near the site of the discovery.
   Whit the steadily increase number of visitors from all over the world, Zhoukoudian has become a scenic spot of Beijing.
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