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Reference from Patrick

Date: 9/20/2018, Read: 131 times

  Reference from Patrick
   I ordered a professional violin, No 486, with DongSeng Bai, in 2016 and it was ready after 4 or 5 months. Throughout the process the communication was excellent, truthfull and direct. There never was any problem with the handling the financial aspect.
   The violin' s sound pleased me right from the beginning once I found the right strings for that particular instrument.
   The finish was good and as specified. The violin needed to be tuned often to start with, then it became very stable in all sorts of environments, humide or dry, which made travelling no issues.
   I felt it never ceased to improved. Unfortunately my violin was recently stolen.
   I have reordered a new one from Dong, which should clearly show that I have been and am happy with what he sells and who he is in my dealings with him.
   Patrick , Sydney , Australia
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