New added on April 15 2017: White and Kits
As more and more luthiers from all over the world ask us to make them white or kits, so we would like to add this page for details, click in
New added on April 15 2017: 3/4 Double Bass
EMS delivery is an issue, so we have to use other shipping companies, click in


I currently make these models:

Cello: Davidoff Stradivarius 1712 - 755mm

Viola: Stradivarius 1734 - 390mm
         Guadagnini 1785 - 400mm

Violin: Stradivarius 1715 - 355mm
          Lord Wilton Guarneri Del Gesu 1742 - 352mm
          Del Gesu Kochanski 1741 - 355mm

If you want new models, then please let me know.


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