New Models

If you want Lu Qing to make an instrument which is not listed here, then you need to get a poster/plans/drawing for us. Based on that, Lu Qing can make a mould of the instrument, then to make the instrument on the mould.

The poster/plans/drawing has all the details and sizes of the instrument, Lu Qing can't make a mould by only photos of an instrument.

To get a poster, you can search online, we only know one website which sells the posters:

You will pay for it, and ask them send the poster to our address

It is a very hard job to make a mould, therefore, if you are the first customer who order the model, we will ask for US$115 extra for making the mould, the mould will be kept by us for other customer's orders. However, if you want the mould yourself, then we will ask for total US$230 extra for making the mould, we will send the mould to you once the instrument is finished.

For customers from Japan, we have made special designs for the instruments suitable for Japanese customers, so please contact us.


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