New added on April 15 2017: White and Kits
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New added on April 15 2017: 3/4 Double Bass
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Money Back Guarantee

I guarantee that I will refund our customers the full payments the customers paid to me for the instruments made for them minus shipping and case costs within 7 days testing period immediately start after the customers receive the instruments send to them, if the instruments are not:

1, The grade or model or varnish or size or any specs the customers ordered; or
2, Meet general requirments as for the solo grade instruments; or
3, Meet the customers special requirments; or
4, The superb sound quality that my hand made instruments should have; or
5, The top quality materials that my hand made instruments should use.

Anything else do you think I should add on to the above, please let me know.

However, the customers have to know that:

1, I make instruments, they are the superb quality for soloist/professional players, but they are not comparable with really top antique instruments in sound quality and woods quality and varnish looks (really top means here that the antique instruments are superb sound, it doesn't mean a normal antique instrument which is normal quality that I don't even look at them and never compare them with mine), also they are not suitable for any special tastes without telling me what the special tastes are before I start to make the instruments.

2, They are all custom made instruments one by one, they are all made for every specified customers, the business of mine is different from musical instruments store which can provide their customers to trying every instrument they have, my customers should not expect that my 7 days testing policy means that the customers can test the instruments against any requirments that I was not even told before I start to make them, my customers should test the instruments against the requirments that I agreed to meet.

If you have any question before you send me an order, then please ask me.


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