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Important update: This bow maker (as described below) Master Guo Cheng Min has joint our company - Beijing Xian Meng Musical P/L - Bai's Violins since 2011 and moved to Beijing, to make the top quality bows for our customers. All bows made for our customers are by Master Guo since 1995.

I don't make bows, however, I recommend a friend bow maker's bows, I think his bow is the best ones compare to the other bow makers I know in terms of good quality and lower prices.

The bows are 60-65g in weight, some are 67-70g with tiger strips patterns on the stick.

I do selection for our customers, to select top quality bows from the bows made by the maker. Now, I select the sticks from him, to get the best sticks, I make sure that our customers will receive top quality bows, I have to do the selection by myself.

I have the way to select the bows or sticks without playing the instruments, then the bows after my selections are worth US$4000-US$5000 in the USA.

As the maker is not in the same city where I am, so I will have to have an opportunity to do the selection, for example, I can go to him, or go to the international musical instruments show to meet him and his bows. I will publish the dates I will go to meet him, I hope I can receive enough orders from you, that worthwhile me to go, I will need 5-6 orders for a trip.

The difference between the gold and silver fitted bows is not only the silver and gold, the sticks are a bit different, the maker always uses gold fittings on the better sticks, silver on the other sticks, as everyone knows, I don't really care the fittings value, I care the sticks bouncing, but the maker always makes his top quality bows with gold fittings, that shows not only the bouncing, but also the beauty. However, it doesn't mean the sticks with silver fittings are not good, they actually are very good too, there is only slightly different.

Click here to see bows selected for customers.

Click here to see when is the opportunity for the bow selection next time.

Below are the bows made by the maker.

US$1600 - over 14K gold, top quality Brazilian Pernambuco wood, round shape.
US$1300 - over 7K gold, top quality Brazilian Pernambuco wood, round shape.(this 7K bow has been discountinued from 2018-July as the 7K gold will become dark color). This grade is to be replaced by:
US$1100 - Rare gold, but Rare gold is not gold, looks like 7K gold and looks beautiful, but it is not gold, top quality Brazilian Pernambuco wood, round shape.
US$1000, pure silver, top quality Brazilian Pernambuco wood, round shape.
US$800, copper, quality Brazilian wood, round shape.
US$800, copper, quality Brazilian wood, octagon shape.
Bow case, made of Ormosia henryi/Scentedrose wood, US$135, shipping US$100.

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