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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between the Strad and Guarneri violin models you make?

A: The Strad copy is more powerful, sounds sweet mellow, and the Guarneri copy is more sweet. This is only what I think and my customers told me about. I like them both, some one likes the Guarneri model just as personnal preference, the Guarneri model is a bit different in size and shape from the Strad model.

Q: What is the difference between antique and traditional varnish you make, and where is the varnish from?

A: I buy varnish materials from Germany, and I make it, I have my recipe after many times tests, the varnish is very good for the sound quality, there is no difference between the antique look varnish and traditional varnish in the sound quality, the only differences are the colour and looking.

Q: What is the difference between one piece and two piece maple back for your violins?

A: There is no difference in sound quality, but you may think the one piece back looks nicer, actually the two piece back is really good as well, and price would be cheaper. I have to cut larger maple that is for a cello back to small for a one piece back violin.

Q: Do you make one piece top violins?

A: I do, but the extra cost is US$265, I don't think that is necessary for a one piece top, again, I need to cut larger piece for a cello to small for a one piece top violin.

Any more questions? please send me a email.


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