New: 100% Full Carbon Fiber Violins

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Our First Master Luthier Lu Qing says:

In terms of timbre and sound quality, both our tonewoods and our 100% full carbon fiber violins can produce high-quality violin sound. Tonewood materials are more pleasant and flexible.

The first advantage of our 100% full carbon fiber violins is that the sound is very stable and is not affected by temperature and humidity. The second advantage is that it is durable and not easy to damage because of the special nature of carbon fiber materials.

In terms of craftsmanship, Our tonewood violins are works of art with a traditional, classic style, while our 100% full carbon fiber violins are works of art with a modern style.

100% Full Carbon Fiber Violins

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Stradivari Cremonas 1715, 355mm
Aubert bridge & Dominant strings and ebony of India
Total weight: 450g

Design and Manufacturing:
Designer: with MA Degree in Image Art and Science of Rochester Inst. of Tech.
Carbon fiber material: Toray of Japan
Mfr.: w/ Precision machinery and eq and pro process tech in Taiwan, China
Assembly: by Master Luthier Lu Qing in Beijing, China

Cao Huan, the first violinist of China National Opera House ( plays our 100% full Carbon Fiber violin on stage

Play by
First Violinist of China National Opera House
The original video is 304 Mb
Play by
National first-class actress of China National Opera House
The original video is 454 Mb

As the original videos are too big so they cannot be played online, the video you are playing is compressed, so the picture and sound quality are worse than the original video.
This video was shot with an Android phone, not with a professional video recording equipment.

June 28 2024 Beijing


1. About Carbon Fiber products
There are too many articles about carbon fiber products, so I won't repeat them.

2. Hand made or Machine made
Violins made of tonewood need to be completely handmade to ensure the sound quality.
However, violins made of 100% full carbon fiber requires a certain level of high-precision mechanical equipment and professional process technology. It is generally not something that can be completed by a small workshop simply pasting carbon fiber cloth layer by layer. Strict production conditions and quality control are required to ensure the performance and quality of the product. The production process is relatively complex and the technical requirements are high.

3. Our team (Key people remote)
Designer (New York USA): Graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a Master's Degree in Image Art and Science, used his profound professional knowledge and superb skills to accurately and perfectly transform the original model of the Stradivari Cremonas 1715 355mm violin made by Master Luthier Lu Qing into a highly realistic 3D model. This model will play a key role in the subsequent production of carbon fiber violin molds, laying a solid foundation for the realization of high-quality carbon fiber violins.

Engineering and Manufacturing (Taiwan China): The engineer has been engaged in carbon fiber manufacturing in Taiwan for more than 30 years and has extensive experience. He initially studied under a Japanese Master and learned carbon fiber manufacturing technology in depth. Through long-term practice and research, he has accumulated a lot of valuable experience. He has worked as a carbon fiber industry researcher in Taiwan. Through continuous exploration and innovation, he has mastered the core technology of carbon fiber molds and formal product production. His professional ability and dedication provide strong support for the team's manufacturing process.

Master Luthier Lu Qing (Beijing China): Master Lu used his skills and experience in making tonewood violins to devote himself to our carbon fiber violin work. With his excellent violin making skills and rich experience, he is committed to creating amazing works. Master Lu gave a lot of technical points and improvement plans. At the same time, he discussed with our American designers and Taiwan's carbon fiber engineers. Our designers constantly improved the design and made our carbon fiber engineers use key technologies in the production of this 100% full carbon fiber violin, which made our 100% full carbon fiber violin produce beautiful sounds. Our designers, carbon fiber engineers and Master Lu spent 3 years and more than 100 experiments to finally produce this perfect 100% full carbon fiber violin. The sound, comfort and ease of playing will never change.

4. Carbon fiber material from Toray of Japan: The best carbon fiber material in the world.

5. 100% full carbon fiber violin: The top, back, ribs, and neck are all made of 100% full carbon fiber, with no wood or other materials in any of the four parts.


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