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We started to sell our instruments via the internet since year 1995, it is a risk free trading with us (, do not worry at all, you are not dealing with a fraud person or company, you are dealing with us who is a master luthier with more than 30 years experience on making the instruments, and really making you a superb quality instrument. All the information from the website is true, trackable, we never make fraud to any person, because we know that is criminal.

Our names, phone number, address, and business registration are checkable.

To order an instrument or a bow today, better than to order them tomorrow, because resource from the earth is becoming less and less, air dry maple, spruce, and Brazilian Pernambuco woods are not unlimited, the trees growing, cutting, air dry need a very long period, it is not easy to find old woods today.


To buy insurance for Lu Qing's instruments made for you

We are not an expert to do the valuation, so just a reference for you:

We try to write as below:

You need to refer our website to know that the same instrument as yours purchase price today (we call the price as P_now)

We would think Lu QIng's instruments value increment rate per year is 3.5-5%

Therefore, your instrument's value today is

value at 1st year = P_now + P_now x 3.5%
value at 2nd year = value at 1st year + value at 1st year x 3.5%
value at 3rd year = value at 2nd year + value at 2nd year x 3.5%
value at 4th year = value at 3rd year + value at 3rd year x 3.5%

and so on....

Please email us if you have any questions about this.


Violins and Carbon fiber cases
Violins: to compare ours to the violins by Chinese luthier¡¯s in the US

Ours professional solo grade violins by Lu Qing at $2600 price range
is better than or at least the same as
violins by any Chinese luthier¡¯s in the US at $10,000 price range.

Ours student grade violins at $400 - $900 price range
is better than
violins by any Chinese luthier¡¯s in the US at $2500-$2800 price range.

All violins by any Chinese luthier¡¯s in the US at $2500-$2800 price range are made in factories in China either by CNC or production line.

We can just randomly pick one of our $400 or $900 violins, that will be better than one of their $2500-$2800 violins.

We only compare ours with those Chinese luthier¡¯s in the US for their violins either at $2500-$2800 or $10,000.

All other Chinese violins made in China are not even worth us to compare with.

Lu Qing¡¯s violins can only be great, impossible to be with any error, his methods already decide the only great result.

If you want to cheat yourself, then please purchase the violins by the Chinese luthier¡¯s in the US at $2500-$2800 price range.

If you do not want to cheat yourself, then please purchase our Lu Qing¡¯s violins at $2600 price range, you will never be disappointed by doing this.

Carbon fiber cases: to compare ours to other Chinese manufacturer¡¯s ¡°carbon fiber¡± cases

Ours Carbon fiber cases
are the only real carbon fiber cases made in whole China.

All other cases called ¡°carbon fiber¡± cases made in China are not made of carbon fiber, they are made of a material called PC ¨C Polycarbonate, the price for this case is around $50.

Our business partner, the carbon fiber production manufacturer is the only carbon fiber manufacturer in whole China has the ability makes the 20%-100% carbon fiber cases also makes for our 100% carbon fiber electric guitars.

All other carbon fiber cases made in China on China¡¯s market and international market are fake carbon fiber cases, they are made of Polycarbonate, only a layer of carbon fiber outside the Polycarbonate, or all stripes look like carbon fiber stripes are printed on the material, they are not the carbon fiber stripes, the stripes are man made on fake purpose.

If you are very surprised that why our cases are so expensive, that is because the carbon fiber material is very expensive and the ways to make it are very complicate, so cost is very high.

If you are very surprised that why the others ¡°carbon fiber¡± cases are priced very ¡°reasonable¡± or "very cheap", that is because the Polycarbonate is very cheap and the ways to make it is much easier and many factories can do it.

If you want to cheat yourself, then please purchase the fake carbon fiber cases made of Polycarbonate at $50 price range.

If you do not want to cheat yourself, then please either purchase foam cases or our real carbon fiber cases, you will never be disappointed by doing this.

You really don¡¯t need to buy the case that you knew that it is not carbon fiber but you would like to believe that is carbon fiber, that is really cheat yourself, but why?

Please note, the real carbon fiber cases can't be or impossible that cheap priced, even in China the labour is cheaper, but the carbon fiber material price is not cheap, so anyone can sell a case called carbon fiber for $50, it is not true, be careful.


Here are two references, one is from our customer Rae from the US who ordered an advanced student violin. Another is Brandon from the US as well who ordered a 14K gold fitting top quality Brazilian Pernambuco wood bow:

Hi Dong,

My teacher said the violin is very nice, and has great intonation. It is also very easy to play. The sound is very bright

Sent from my iPhone


Mr. Dong

The violin bow is fantastic. Very high quality wood and gold adornments. It has the perfect amount of bounce and balance.

When compared to my other European bows it out plays them with little effort . In just the few days I've had it

I am so happy I can¡¯t stop playing! Thank you so much for helping get an amazing bow!


We are a very well established violin making and selling company since 1995 just a short period after internet was coming to our life.


Today I received our previous customer Phillip's reply to my email asked about the violin he ordered (No.442), please read below from the customer of West Texas:

Dear Dong,

How nice of you to write. Although we do not personally need another violin, we wish for you to know your art and instrument is still greatly appreciated and enjoyed. This gift to Alba, my wife, was one of the better decisions I have made.

We wish your violin could be heard and seen by more people but we live in a remote area and do not travel with it.

All the best to you and your family,

Phillip and Alba

Thanks to Phillip and Alba!

Exciting! Exciting!! and Exciting!!!

But why? just because I have received a reference from our customer Per of Sweden for his violin (no.520) and viola (no.519) as below:

Hello! Here is a short review of the violin and viola I ordered. (Nr 519 and nr 520).

These are really top quality instruments. Built with beautiful wood and great skill in every aspect.

The tone of the violin is beautiful, rich and clear with good projection. Quick response. Easy to play soft and still has plenty of edge to the sound with lots of power when desired.

The viola is also very good. It has a deep, open sound with beautiful timbre that is even across the strings. Quick response and wide dynamic range.

I am very happy with both instruments!

Regards Per

Today (2018-August-1), I am very happy because I received a email which I have been waiting for 2 years from our No.486 violin customer of Australia.

This customer will send me his reference within 30 days, so I expect to receive it by end of this month.

Here I have received the reference on Sept 15 2018, from our customer Patrick, who ordered no.486 violin and bow:

Reference from Patrick

I ordered a professional violin, No 486, with Dong, in 2016 and it was ready after 4 or 5 months. Throughout the process the communication was excellent, truthfull and direct. There never was any problem with the handling the financial aspect.

The violin' s sound pleased me right from the beginning once I found the right strings for that particular instrument.

The finish was good and as specified. The violin needed to be tuned often to start with, then it became very stable in all sorts of environments, humide or dry, which made travelling no issues.

I felt it never ceased to improved. Unfortunately my violin was recently stolen.

I have reordered a new one from, which should clearly show that I have been and am happy with what he sells and who he is in my dealings with him.

Patrick , Sydney , Australia

Many thanks to Patrick, Lu said that he will make another excellent violin for Patrick and our master bow maker also will select a top stick for the bow, so they will be ready by end of the year or early 2019.


Today (2017-Nov-2), I have received a reference from my customer from Tehran for his No.498 violin, I have been waiting for this reference for many months, so I am so happy that I finally got it today! as below:

Dear Dong,
First of all I would like to thank you very much for the aesthetically pleasing violin you have made for me. Here are my reviews after couple of months of playing with my new violin:
The sound is very even from one string to another. The E string has enough warmth and depth. The A and the D are both evocative of a good copy of a del Gesu; and speaking of G, although I expected a bit faster response and a little more volume, its darkness is the thing with which I have obsessed.
I use Dominant string set and it works very well on my violin. Again, I thank you very much dear Dong. I have played the Prelude in E BWV1006 with my new violin, part of which is attached for you.
Best regards

Here is the No.498 violin made of one piece 4A grade Bosnian maple and 4A grade Bosnian spruce:


Today (2017-Nov-6), James wrote to me again for more recommendation:

This is an audio link - Tone Poem in C Major (On a Perfect Day) by this customer James for the bass violin Lu Qing made for him, Right click here to save link/target as ...

Hi Dong,

Hope all is going well with you.

It has been a few weeks since I adjusted to my final setup, including the bridge, sound post, string action, etc. though I still need to plane the fingerboard further a little bit on the G string side. The bass violin is started to produce the proper and more projecting tone to my fondness. The two lower strings make deep tones profound enough to accompany a chamber ensemble yet the upper registers are as brilliant as a cello to perform solo repertories. J. S. Bach¡¯s Cello Suites can be transposed with the same fingering as the cello yet the bass violin has a much deeper tone not only because of the lowered key but produces a more solemn atmosphere. The tone is beautiful, smooth and projecting. You have succeeded in creating a truly professional grade bass violin. I would like to promote to the chamber music communities in the future. This is a great bass violin. I will plan to demonstrate it to professional musicians in the coming season.

Your craftsmanship is at a highest level I have seen. I have a greatest respect for your luthier. The tone wood is solid and tight grain and the oil varnish is beautiful which complements the sound it produces. I am extremely happy with the instrument and wanted to share my spirits with you.

Thank you so much,


Here is the formal reference from James for his No.503 bass violin, I have just received the reference yesterday (2017-10-25), as below:

Hi Dong,

Thank you very much for the great bass violin.

I did my final set up and the following is my first impression.

Overall the tone is beautiful and warm, very even from the low to the upper registers without noticeable weak or harsh spots. All sounds soothing to my ears with very natural projection and volume. The lower register has a bassy sound comparable to a double bass and upper register seamlessly merges into the cello register. The response is quick with ease and a cello bow is more than adequate to pull the sound out of this bass violin. The craftsmanship is perfect. The tone wood and oil varnish are of the highest quality and beautiful. Just very nice to look at, even as a sculpture! This bass violin with 5th tuning is a great new family of instrument with superb craftsmanship and tone I¡¯d like to recommend and promote to the chamber music communities around the world. It works perfect for a solo instrument as well.

As you know I have a little more work to do relating to the string action, the fingerboard scoop planning and sound post adjustments. The ergonomics and the ease of playing is one of my priority as well.

I will write more later as the setup and the new strings settle in. Also, I¡¯ll include some recommendations and collaborations for the future pursuit to be a world class luthier.


P.S. I'll take some pictures as well.

I have just received some comments from our No.503 bass violin (1/8 size) customer, this is not his formal reference yet, but just some comments.

James of California is a Master luthier and he ordered a 1/8 bass violin from us and sent us with his own design.

Below is his comments (twice):


Hi Dong, Hope all is well with you. I am re-planing the fingerboard now and recutting the nut. The fingerboard arch and scoop need to be properly shaped. I apply linseed oil at every step. As you know linseed oil is very slow to harden. The fingerboard is now dressed with charcoal ink impregnated and coated with ebony oil. Please check the photo below. Also I'm hand rubbing the varnish with mixture of rotten stone and pumice stone and oil to get the proper sheen.

Overall, your craftsmanship is excellent. I will let you know on the sound later. By tap tone checking it seems to be very good. James


Please use the photos and/or my writings, if you like. I will write a full impression and review of the instrument when the set up is done. So far the bass violin is excellent and perfect shape and size. The gradation appears extremely good. My review will not be to criticize but to praise and help your craftsmanship and reputation as a maker. It will include some suggestions for the future projects to enhance your business.

I will be in Germany in the first part of October so most likely afterwards. I will look for some instrument parts when I'm there. Will keep you posted. Thank you for every thing.


(Below is the instrument in his house)

Today (2017-August-05) is another exciting day as I received a reference from James of UK for his two 3/4 violins at professional solo grade made of 4A grade Bosnian maple and spruce by our first Master luthier Lu Qing along with two 3/4 top quality Brazilian Pernambuco wood bows and carbon fiber cases also carbon fiber shoulder rests.

Hello Dong,

It has been 6 months since I received the two 3/4 violins, sufficient time to make an assessment.

In a word, they are "Excellent." They have a full rich tone and are powerful and responsive. The violin workmanship is of the highest standard along with the bows and cases.

I had no hesitation in reserving the woods for full size violins for the future.

Thank you Dong.

(James of UK)

Added on February 3 2018: the 2 violins are "best musical investment I've ever made"


Below are the violins made of 4A grade Bosnian maple and spruce;

Top quality Brazilian Pernambuco wood bows;

Carbon fiber cases and carbon fiber shoulder rests


Below is a reference by an Australian customer who ordered an intermediate student grade cello (3/4 No.c_228):

31st July 2017
Melbourne, Victoria Australia

Re: Great work by Dong and his luthier for our Intermediate Student Cello

To whom it may concern,
We are very happy to have received the Intermediate Student Cello sent by Dong and his company The workmanship is amazing and after a few adjustments the cello sounds great. Though the cello still needs to have its potential sound maximized by playing a few more months, it is of great value.
Dong is very kind and a professional man, he responds to our queries on time and the cello came in great packaging too. We are very pleased with the purchase and would recommend Dong and his company to anyone who is thinking of purchasing an excellent instrument at an affordable price. The luthier is truly great to have produced such excellent work. We are very appreciative and wish Dong and his company all the best!
Kindest regards,
Tiffany & family

Here are some photos of the cello:


This is a professional solo grade violin made for Marco of Italy.

Marco wrote me a reference again on 2017-7-22:

The violin is really done very well.

Below is Marco's reference on 2017-7-1:  

In a perfect packaging is quickly arrived at my home the violin shipped by Mr. Dong. The very accurate packing immediately gave me the impression of professionalism and experience of Mr. Dong's firm. The white violin appears very well done, also taken care of in details and respectful of the indications that I gave during its realization. Now I just have to do with wood preparation and varnishing. However, the starting point seems to me great, so I expect, at work, an excellent result. Many Thanks to Mr. Dong for the quickly assistance and presence during all this time.

Ok, Now, if anyone would like to ask for questuions to Marco about the violin, then please let me know, I will ask Marco if I can pass his email address to you. If so, you will talk to him about the violin Lu made for him.

Added by Marco on Feb 5, 2018:

Before this last varnished, I have tested the sound in the laboratory of a old luthier in Cagliari,¡­. He was a violinist and has also study luthiery with Sgarabotto in Cremona. We have played violin and the sound is very very good and deep ¡­

The luthier has tested and sound the violin fitted and varnished (without last transparent layer on the table) and he has told me that it sound very well and after 1 year, if I play well and intonate, it still improves¡­.

Below are two references from our customers, they are only two here, more references please view from our reference page.

1. Our No. 448 professional solo violin customer from Rockville USA:

I had a quick chance to play and look at the violin. Wow, great it plays better than Jay Haide violins that I carry. I am not the greatest player but I will have one of my staff play it tomorrow. Great violin, were in business. I just need the 7k bow to sample then I will put together a package and sell many. I know it will sound better and better as it ages a little.

added on 26th August 2015:
I love the bow! I have a $15,000. Bow and your bow plays better. The sound is warm and wonderful. The violin and bow are at the ¡­¡­
I just wanted to let you know that we love your violin and bow.


2. Oliviero from Italy ordered an advanced student violin from us, he wrote me a reference today (2016-11-23) as below:

Dear Dong

Today I got Half hour to try the violin below my first impressions:

Sound : very powerful

Tones : full of harmonic

Keyboard : perfect

Harmonic: very clear fluted

Shape: perfect!

Bow: light and sensitive responsiveness

To try: I made scales and arpeggios in fist second and fifth positions

Satisfaction: very satisfied!
My compliments to you well work.
Probably after or before Chinese New Year I will place to you one order to make a professional one and one more like mine.
Keep in touch


Please note, the one Oliviero has is our advanced student violin only, not a professional solo violin.

Here is the violin for Oliviero:




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