Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions were not written by a lawyer or solicitor, they were wriiten by Dong after 20 years selling our instruments via the internet. Dong uses his experience and information gathered from our customers made the "Terms and Conditions" which are used to protect our cusomters and our business.

The successful internet trading is based on at least one condition that is the trust each other.

The issues are how we make our customers trust us and how we trust our customers. They are very difficult issues because our customers would like to know the sound and quality before they order one from us, and we don't want our hard work is for nothing. Therefore, we made the terms below, that can be used by our customers and us for a better and fair trading. We hope everyone who is interested in our instruments to read the terms below before they send us an order:

1, We make superb quality solo grade instruments for our cusomters who ordered them from us, the instruments are for soloist or professional musicians, the instruments are full hand made one by one by Lu Qing individual from the beginning to the end with hand tools only. We use top quality woods and materials. We test the woods before we start use them to see if the woods will give superb sound quality. Lu Qing uses his more than 30 years experience making the instruments for our customers. His experience and his instruments and us are checkable, trackable, and we can provide our new customers with references from our previous customers and contact details if our new customers wish to check or track the instruments and quality on request if the previous customers agree or allow us to pass their contact details to the new customers;
2, Our solo grade instruments must meet all the requirments that our customers and us agreed to meet;
3, We offer our customers for 7 days testing period policy, full payments minus shipping and case costs are refundable within the 7 days if the instruments are not meet the requirments, please read more for details from Money Back Guarantee;
4, There is 20% deposit apply before Lu Qing starts to make the instruments;
5, Cancellation of an order should be made before Lu Qing starts to make the instrument, then full deposit minus transaction fee is refundable, but it is not refundable if the cancellation is made after Lu Qing has started to make the instruments;
6, It is our responsibility to tell our customers what we can make and what we can't, also we suggest our customers to gather relevant information about the instruments they are going to order from us, because both parties need to agree each other about the specs of the instruments Lu Qing is going to make for the customers;
7, It is the customers responsibility to make balance payments before we ship the package to them;
8, It is our responsibility to ensure that our customers receive the package safely, to ensure the instruments, bows, and cases at the same conditions as they were made.

Anything else do you think we should add to the above, please let us know.

If you have any question before you send us an order, then please ask us.


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