Mandolin, mandola, octave mandolin in the white or kit only. F and A model. Full hand made by our individual maker himself from the beginning to the end with hand tools only, at normal craftsmanship quality, not as top as our violins, need your more detailed work after our maker's work. Worth to order as 1. your lighter work will be involved; 2. price is low; 3. full hand made with no machine; 4. Chinese maple and spruce and thinking of change to European maple and spruce; 5. there is no other maker in whole China can make them at this price range (you can try to find one by looking at internet or come to China, and to tell me when you find one if you like). Click here to see more details, -- is the one you always trust with.

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No.545 violin is finished.

Date: 8/19/2019, Read: 203 times

  No.545 violin is finished.
   This is another beautiful violin!
   Our first violinist has test played the violin, he loves it very much, as it is with very top sound quality!
   Here is our advice to people who are still looking to buy Chinese made violins, our advice is that stop looking, here we make the violins you love, at very low price and very top quality. Do not buy any Big Chinese name/brand luthiers violins as they are too expensive and not better than ours, and not to buy those low quality violins as you waste your money. Please always remember, those Big Chinese luthiers violins names/brands are for the luthiers, not for you, you spend money on the brands, but the brands don't bring you the top quality, only buy ours, ours are brandless but bring you top quality, you don't need to spend money on brands which are useless for a full hand made violin.
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