Video for No.278 violin, played by violinist Vadim of Oviedo (Second violinist from the left)

Please download the video for No.278 violin (Right click to save link/target as ... mov format, 13MB) or play it online by left click.

Reference: 4 years ago I ordered a violin from The first impressions were good, but I decided to wait awhile, because violin must ripen. Now I'm happy to play the violin. This violin has a warm tone, clear and soft sound. Often, I prefer it the other violin, modern Italian. Especially in the ensemble. Thanks to the harmonious timbre I have no problems with intonation. The violin is made very high quality. . I had no problems, although the violin is operated in humid climates. I did not regretted never that ordered this violin, especially since the price is more than amiable. Vadim

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